Telegram MTProxy list

Shorthand addresses, e.g. mtproxy-1.telegram.i2p, can be resolved by i2pd only

MTProxy #1:

Address mtproxy-1.telegram.i2p vxxfipsygx6jpz57pmb3d3mjgsk5ls2idxeo2bffs3yp62muyq7q.b32.i2p Secret key d676d59cd211bfe0031e4db3debc6a1b

MTProxy #2:

Address mtproxy-2.telegram.i2p vp3vans4ra3vpo24orm5seaxvod4x4lwiqajrfazb62hfwb45ddq.b32.i2p Secret key 1b3e58008e4a2838505ea99838db21df

Example i2pd tunnels config file

That example shows one-for-all configuration. For more information about used settings please refer to i2pd documentation
type = client
address =
port = 8440
destination = vxxfipsygx6jpz57pmb3d3mjgsk5ls2idxeo2bffs3yp62muyq7q.b32.i2p
signaturetype = 7
inbound.length = 1
outbound.length = 1
inbound.quantity = 5
outbound.quantity = 5
i2cp.leaseSetType = 3
i2cp.leaseSetEncType = 0,4
i2p.streaming.initialAckDelay = 20
keys = transient-tg-mtproxy

type = client
address =
port = 8441
destination = vp3vans4ra3vpo24orm5seaxvod4x4lwiqajrfazb62hfwb45ddq.b32.i2p
keys = transient-tg-mtproxy

Telegram Web

You can use Telegram Web, based on "Web K" client and patched for usage in I2P: Telegram Web I2P

All requests to Telegram's servers proxifyed with nginx. All data transfered via nginx is encrypted with MTProto cryptographic protocol, and can't be decrypted by our service.

Configuration and changes to original client can be found here.


Ready for use configuration file for i2pd: Download
Place it in tunnels.d directory and reload tunnels configuration

Preconfigured for I2P Telegram:
Windows 64-bit: Clearnet, I2P
Windows 32-bit: Clearnet, I2P
Linux 64-bit: Clearnet, I2P


chat: @i2p_telegram
IRC: join #en or #ru on Ilita (web)